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BCSTA has cost-effective distance learning opportunities for boards and trustees throughout British Columbia. You can catch up on topics that you may have missed at this year’s Academy, or enroll in other sessions of particular interest. Join from home, or from your local board office.


Programs are available free of charge to boards and trustees throughout BC. However, you must register in order to receive sign-in information and to participate. Note: please complete the online registration form at least one week before the program you wish to take.

Login in

  1. Go to www.bcsta.org/bbc to sign in
  2. Enter your name as indicated and follow the instructions. You may have to give your computer permission to download the required Java software. It is safe to do so.
  3. You should try to sign in about 15-20 minutes ahead of time if it is your first experience with this process.

Audio options


e-Learn utlizes a VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) feature. Make sure your headset is properly connected to your computer.  Run the "Audio Set Up" Wizard as soon as you sign on, to ensure your audio equipment is properly configured.  You will find it in the Tools>Audio menu.


To connect, click on the telephone icon that appears on the page near the microphone controls at the bottom left hand corner of the page.  When you click on this icon, you should see a pop-up window with the information you need to dial.  Once you are connected, instead of a microphone icon appearing by your name in the participant list, there will be a telephone icon.


More information

 What is Elluminate e-Learning? – e-Learn is a cost-effective, convenient way for school trustees to learn more about topics of interest. 

How does Elluminate e-Learn work? – Sit down at home, in your board office, or elsewhere on your own or with fellow trustees and interested staff. Use your Internet-connected computer to sign in to the BCSTA classroom. Listen to the presenter and watch the presentation materials on your computer screen. You will have opportunities to ask questions and engage in online discussion as part of the program. If you are participating with a group, you may choose to sign off at the end of the program and discuss the presenter’s ideas and suggestions. Get ready to put some of this new information to work right away.

What do we need to participate? – Familiarity with computers and the Internet, a willingness to try new delivery methods, a computer with a high speed connection to the Internet, a sound card and headphone/microphone (or noise-cancelling microphone and speakers for group participation). If you don’t have a high-speed Internet connection at home, you’ll want to participate at your board’s office. If you are working with a group you will probably want an LCD projector, screen and a quiet room. As an option, you may wish to consider connecting a webcam as well. You will receive handout materials and instructions in advance.