About Us

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The British Columbia School Trustees Association (BCSTA) serves and supports our members, BC’s Boards of Education, in their key work of improving student achievement. At the local level BCSTA provides professional development, legal counsel and communications. Provincially, our non-profit Association acts as Boards’ strong, unified voice in advocating to government, other education partners, and the public on matters affecting public education.

Our members set the directions for advocacy and all other aspects of BCSTA’s work on their behalf. Members do this via resolutions at our annual general meeting in the spring, and at smaller Provincial Council governance meetings over the year.

Members enact bylaws to govern BCSTA’s internal procedures, and policies to guide our advocacy.

As well as being a comprehensive guide to trusteeship in British Columbia, the updated Learning Guide (coming soon) sets out the work of our Association and the details of our governance.

The mission of the BCSTA is to support and advocate for effective public Boards of Education in British Columbia. Our mission is driven by the following beliefs:

  1. A high-quality public education system is the foundation of a democratic society.

  2. Improving student achievement is the key work of locally elected Boards of Education.

  3. The interests of BC students are best met through local decision-making with an engaged community.

  4. Providing a strong, representative voice for Boards of Education throughout the province is important.

  5. Helping to build effective Boards of Education by providing development, communications and support services continues to be a vital role.